EU Business Law 2: Sectoral and Procedural Issues

EU Business Law 2: Sectoral and Procedural Issues

Course Description



The course will introduce students to significant sectoral and procedural issues connected to the EU internal market. As a second programme of the module ‘EU Business Law’, it provides a better understanding of main structures and working methods of certain fields related to the EU fundamental freedoms and competition law.



The selected topics are all closely related to the functioning of the EU internal market. The course will focus on their substantial and normative framework, legal basis, institutional issues and implementation of fields of outmost importance. The lectures on sectoral issues intend to introduce students to the regulation and practice of EU business activities, reflecting on the core ideas of EU policy making and analysing the potentials of both the consumers and the companies. While the lectures on procedural issues will give a broad perspective on the various ways of dispute settlement; courts, arbitration and other methods.

•          Common commercial policy

•          EU consumer protection law

•          Electronic commerce

•          EU company law

•          EU intellectual property law

•          Dispute settlement: courts

•          Dispute settlement: arbitration

•          Dispute settlement: alternative dispute resolution



Students are required to attend all lectures. The semester will end with written examination consisting of true/false questions, multiple choice items and essay questions.



Course reader and presentations.